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University of South Wales
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University of South Wales


University of South Wales (USW) is a reputable university located in Wales, United Kingdom. It is a public university and was established in 2013 through the merger of the University of Glamorgan and the University of Wales, Newport.

USW is known for offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines, including arts, humanities, business, engineering, health sciences, and social sciences, among others. The university has multiple campuses, with its main campuses situated in Cardiff, Newport, and Pontypridd.

USW is committed to providing high-quality education and fostering a supportive learning environment for its students. It often collaborates with industry partners to ensure its programs are relevant and meet the demands of the job market. This collaboration allows students to gain practical experience and develop the skills necessary to excel in their chosen fields.

Moreover, the university values research and innovation, engaging in various research projects and contributing to advancements in different areas of study.

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