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The University of Buckingham
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The University of Buckingham


The University of Buckingham is a private university located in Buckingham, England. It holds the distinction of being the oldest of the UK's private universities, having been founded in 1973. The university has a unique approach to education, with a focus on small class sizes, personalized teaching, and a fast-track academic schedule.

The University of Buckingham offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across different fields, including humanities, social sciences, business, law, and sciences. The university's academic structure is based on a two-semester system, which allows students to complete their degrees in a shorter timeframe compared to traditional universities.

One of the key features of the University of Buckingham is its tutorial-based teaching method. Students receive personalized attention through one-on-one or small group tutorials, allowing for in-depth discussions, critical thinking, and academic mentorship.

The university is known for its strong commitment to research and innovation, with a focus on contributing to advancements in knowledge and addressing real-world issues. Research centers at the university cover a range of subjects relevant to its academic offerings.

The campus facilities at the University of Buckingham include modern classrooms, libraries, laboratories, student accommodations, and recreational spaces. The university aims to provide a close-knit and supportive community for both academic and personal development.

Located in the historic town of Buckingham, the university offers a unique blend of modern education and traditional British charm. Students have the opportunity to engage with the local community and explore the rich cultural heritage of the surrounding area.

In summary, the University of Buckingham stands out as a pioneer in the private higher education sector in the UK. With its distinctive academic model, focus on personalized teaching, and commitment to research, it offers students a unique and accelerated educational experience in a picturesque setting.

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